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Kayaks and Rafts

Manufactured in France
Kayaks and Rafts

Designed for intelligence and infiltration, the SB Commando MK VI kayak, the new HP Commando MKI kayak and the Nautiraid life raft have been developed to meet the needs of missions undertaken by special forces, marine commandos and the army.

The reputation of these special units that use the SB Commando is a guarantee of the quality of our manufacturing process which all takes place in our workshop in Vaiges, in Mayenne (France).

SB commando MK VI


The SB Commando MK VI kayak developed by Nautiraid is a two seater folding kayak. The frame is composed of two main pre-assembled sections and a limited number of individual pieces to complete the assembly.


It reflects the constant developments and improvements made in Nautiraid military kayaks that have been used for decades in the French Navy and the French Army. This development is regularly enhanced by feedback given by users of Nautiraid SB Commando folding kayaks in the French special forces and other navies or armies on several continents.

SB commando MK VI


- Frame: Ash wood and birch plywood, covered with 4 coats of varnish.


- Shell: Manufactured from black hypalon-coated polyester fabric for the back and sides and a black anti-glare material for the deck.


- Colours: Black


- Coding: OTAN 1940-14-536-5601


- Assembled dimensions (Length): 5.4m

- Max. width (inflated ‘stabilairs’): 0.90m

Width (inflated ‘stabilairs’): 0.74m

- Basic weight: 40kg

- Weight with equipment: 55kg

- Load capacity of the kayak: Approx. 350kg


Mooring line, carrier, compass mounting, rudder, 3 pairs of paddles, 2 transportation and storage bags, 1 spraydeck with 2 skirts.


img ossature img peau

Ossature 145 x 40 x 30 cm

Peau 90 x 50 x 40 cm

High pressure hp commando MK 1


The HP Commando MK I was designed with the purpose of enabling special units operators to infiltrate using a kayak after being dropped by an aircraft, with all of the necessary equipment usually carried on different missions.

Its design also ensures a living area in wet environments, as well as total camouflage when immersed.


Positioning of commando operators by drops, parachute or fall free, was previously seen as difficult or even impossible, but this is now made possible by combining 3 techniques into the same piece of equipment:



- The inflatable componentthat allows the reduction of the volume and weight of the craft

- High pressure inflation, which allows it to be put in place extra quickly from the water

- A manual purgethat allows it to be folded or immersed.

High pressure hp commando MK 1


- 3D HP Fabric - high-tenacity polyester / MSC both sides

- Anti-glare deck



- Colours: Grey and black



- Length: 3.50m

- Width: 1m

- Empty weight without bottles: 20kg

Inflatable dinghy


Designed for wet crossings, the Nautiraid inflatable raft can be inflated by mouth in a few minutes.


The front and rear compartments deflate very quickly with two drain plugs. Inflated, the overall dimensions are 176 x 106 x 28cm.


The raft allows one man and a package to cross water with a load and the necessary stability.

Inflatable dinghy


- Shell:  Black light and high tenacity blend PVC/PU fabric


- Inflation time: 2 minutes

- Deflation time: 15 seconds

- Weight: 4.5kg

- Packaged with a repair kit in a small bag
37 x 27 x 20cm